Video: Supporting the energy needs of refugees and host communities

Video: Supporting the energy needs of refugees and host communities

FAO and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) have partnered together to support the energy needs of over 200 000 South Sudanese refugees displaced in refugee camps in the Gambella region of Ethiopia in order to reduce the impact on forest resources and the host community.


Enter the #MountainsMatter video contest!

Enter the #MountainsMatter video contest!

Almost one billion people live in mountain areas and over half the human population depends on mountains for water, food and clean energy. Yet mountains are under threat from climate change, land degradation and natural disasters, with potentially far-reaching and devastating consequences both for mountain communities and for the rest of the world. To bring attention to the plight of mountains for International Mountain Day (11 Dec), we are asking you to make a one-minute video on the theme of ‘Mountains under pressure: climate, hunger, migration’ for the #MountainsMatter video contest.

Tree worker dies after fall from large Ponderosa

Groveland, CA – 35 year old Jason Alan Stuart died after he fell 80 to 100 feet out of a large Ponderosa tree. Stuart was removing the tree at a private residence. He was working for a local company called Down to Earth Construction. Stuart was climbing up the tree with his gear on, removing the branches on his way up. Co-workers heard Stuart say something and looked up to see him already halfway down the tree falling. He landed on a sidewalk just outside the residence. Stuart was unresponsive but had a pulse when emergency personnel arrived. He was rushed to Highway 120 to meet an air ambulance but died before being flown for treatment. According to his employer, Stuart was an experienced tree worker and climber.

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Man killed clearing tree with chainsaw during Hurricane Ophelia

Tipperary, Ireland – 31 year old Michael Pyke was killed as he went to clear fallen tree the was felled by Hurricane Ophelia. According to reports, Pyke was using a chainsaw to clear away a fallen tree when he was struck by the saw. He died from his injuries.

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6 Fall Lawn Care Tips for Beautiful Grass in Pennsylvania

While the fall is actually the most important lawn care season with vital tasks that should be performed to ensure your lawn is its healthiest, it’s often overlooked for many reasons. For one, the “outdoor season” is winding down and folks start spending less time outside. Homeowners also think they may be able to delay many lawn care tasks until the spring and not worry about their lawn until then.