Pasadena man found dead from apparent chainsaw accident

Pasadena, CA – 59 year old Robert Edwin Milliken died while trimming a tree at his property. According to reports, Milliken was found outside his home at around 10 AM Saturday. A family member called authorities after not hearing from him for several days. Upon arrival Police found a lifeless male adult. Evidence at the scene suggested the victim suffered fatal lacerations while attempting to trim a large tree branch.

Authorities said that Milliken was up on a ladder with a chainsaw when he fell. In the fall he suffered a severed arm and a serious cut to his neck.

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France joins other European countries requiring a license to run a chainsaw

France has joined other European countries in a bid to lower chainsaw related accidents. A new law brought into effect on December 5th requires forestry and other workers to learn proper safety procedures before receiving a license. The regulations incites companies and workers to learn proper safety procedures in chainsaw use.

Many full-time forestry and landscape workers will already have the necessary training by holding the European Chainsaw Certification, which is recognized in nine countries and backed by the European Forestry and Environmental Skills Council.

Workers are encouraged to get training at one of the 11 certified training centers in France. People who occasionally use a chainsaw may not see the need, but pressure from insurers and safety groups could see the regulation extended to private individuals. A day of training will average about €200.

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Oregon company receives patent on log yard waste separation system

J&S Walker Manufacturing and Mike Morris of Days Creek were granted a patent on November 7th for a log yard waste separation system. The system, called The Walker Derocker, has been running at C&D Lumber in Riddle for the last four years. It’s purpose is to separate the waste from operating in a unpaved logging yard into products that could be reused or sold.

The machine takes the waste and divides them into fine soil, large rocks, small rocks, and leftover bark. It can process 5,000 cubic yards of waste into reusable products in about 18 days.

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Chainsaw slips, cutting mans leg while carving

South Pymatuning Township, PA – 68 year old Wayne Hickman was injured Monday afternoon when the chainsaw he was using slipped and cut his leg. Hickman was using the saw to carve artwork in fallen trees when it slipped and cut into his knee. The cut went right down to the bone.

Hickman was transported to the hospital where he is expected to make full recovery. Reports stated that he was not wearing chaps at the time of the accident.

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Resilience in face of climate change theme for Mountain Partnership Global event

Resilience in face of climate change theme for Mountain Partnership Global event

More than 150 representatives from mountain countries, intergovernmental organizations and civil society will endorse concrete measures and policies to strengthen the resilience of mountain people and environments in the face of climate change during meetings at FAO Headquarters in Rome next week.

Algerian cities aim to become greener

Algerian cities aim to become greener

The contribution of urban forests, trees and green areas to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 11 on sustainable urban development will be on the agenda of a two-day workshop on greening cities and enhancing urban landscapes and biodiversity, which is taking place in Algiers, Algeria, on 5-6 December. The event, co-organized by FAO and the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, aims to promote dialogue and an exchange of ideas on ways to increase the sustainability of urban development in the country.

During the workshop, the French translation of the Guidelines on urban and peri-urban forestry will be made available for the benefit of Algeria and the Maghreb area, as well as other French-speaking countries, particularly in the Saharan and Sub-Saharan regions of Africa. The workshop will also be an opportunity to inform Algerian professionals of the upcoming World Forum on Urban Forestry, to be held in Mantua, Italy in November 2018.

ISA Seeks Qualified Nominees for the ISA Board of Directors

Deadline to Submit Nominations is 31 December 2017

The structure of ISA’s Board of Directors consists of the president, the president-elect, and thirteen
directors. Five directors are elected by the Council of Representatives (CoR) and eight are elected directly
by ISA members.

The purpose of this notice is to solicit nominations from ISA members to fill three
upcoming General Membership-elected Board position(s) that will end in August 2018. ISA
members can nominate ANY member of ISA in good standing.
If you would like to nominate
yourself or someone else as a candidate for the ISA Board of Directors, please send the name to Sheilah Trail at ISA. The person you nominate must be a current member of ISA.
The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) reviews all nominees and develops a ballot of qualified
nominees. From the ballot of qualified nominees, General Membership will elect a two directors to fill the
positions that will be vacated when Dennis Swartzell, Jim Flott, and Gordon Mann’s term on the Board
expires in August 2018. (Dennis is not eligible to serve another term.) NEC uses the following criteria to
evaluate nominees’ qualifications:

  • ISA member in good standing
  • Past contributions and service to ISA and ISA components
  • Past contributions and service to other professional organizations in arboriculture and related
  • Past service in committee and leadership roles both within and outside of ISA
  • Professional work experience in arboriculture and related fields including research activities
  • Professional education and training in arboriculture and related fields
  • Business experience and expertise
  • Achievement of Board diversity, including field(s) of expertise and geography
  • Recommendations
  • Any other relevant considerations

The closing date for Sheilah Trail to receive these nominations is 4:30 pm Central Daylight
Time (Chicago Time) on 31 December 2017.

Please consider nominating someone (including yourself); ISA is a great organization thanks to your
participation in the vital process of nominating and electing qualified candidates to the ISA Board. Thanks
very much for your help.

Brian Kane, Chair
ISA Nominating and Elections Committee

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