Enter the #MountainsMatter video contest!

Enter the #MountainsMatter video contest!

Almost one billion people live in mountain areas and over half the human population depends on mountains for water, food and clean energy. Yet mountains are under threat from climate change, land degradation and natural disasters, with potentially far-reaching and devastating consequences both for mountain communities and for the rest of the world. To bring attention to the plight of mountains for International Mountain Day (11 Dec), we are asking you to make a one-minute video on the theme of ‘Mountains under pressure: climate, hunger, migration’ for the #MountainsMatter video contest.



Committee on World Food Security (CFS) stresses role of sustainable forestry – new recommendations endorsed to achieve food security and nutrition for all

The week-long, 44th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) – Making a Difference in Food Security and Nutrition – endorsed new recommendations on the role of sustainable forestry in achieving food security and nutrition for all.


Axton man dies in tree cutting accident in Pittsylvania County

Danville, VA – 67 year old Wallace Teague Sr. died Wednesday morning while he was trying to cut down a tree. Authorities stated that Teague was trying to remove the tree when it fell on him. When emergency personnel arrived he had already died from his injuries.

For more information; http://ift.tt/2xCbqUm



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Stihl’s new MS 462 C-M

The Stihl MS 462 is a new 72cc professional chainsaw that was just released for sale in Europe. This saw will replace the MS 461 and MS 441. It weighs about 6 kilograms or just over 13 pounds. The MS 462 is the first to have Stihl’s M-tronic 2.0 software that will make the saw perform equally regardless of your elevation. Unfortunately, North America has no set date for sales start yet according to Stihl Headquarters.

Check out the saw here; http://ift.tt/2kICyeq

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